Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Plan for the unexpected

We got up early this morning because PG&E were coming to inspect the power lines on our property. They worked fast and after that we had such a peaceful morning fishing in the pond. Well..Philip were fishing, I was mostly watching and Trigger were eating grass. We had a really good time. The pond doesn´t have much shade and when the temperature started to rise we took a walk down the hill to our creek, looked at some interesting rocks and cooled off in the cold water. We didn´t bring the dogs which is unusual and everything was very quiet. One of those moments when you want to stop time.

The temperature started to rise even more; it was over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. We started to walk up the hill and back to the house. It´s pretty steep and we live at 2200ft elevation. I had Trigger in a rope.  Halfway up the hill I had to stop because I had a strong contraction. Philip took Trigger the last bit of the walk. It took forever to get home. After resting a while I started to feel a dull pain in my lower abdomen but the contractions where not very strong and very irregular. Philip went to the grocery store. Everything was fine.
When he came back and opened the door I can smell fire and hear sirens in the background. There´s a forest fire on the other side of our creek. We live next door to Eldorado National Forest. We kept listening to the local radio on updates of what´s going on, preparing ourselves to evacuate if necessarily. Where to go? What to do with the animals? What to bring? It was a nervous 45 minutes before the fire department had everything under control. Or maybe I´m just extra sensitive and not used to this kind of danger? I don´t know. Everything is fine now and no one was injured as far as we know. I don´t think the fire was very big but it was close. We had an emergency plan we made when we moved in but today we didn´t have our horse trailer at home or a truck strong enough to tow horses. Which made our previous plan useless. Something to think about. Luckily we have most of our horses on a pasture a few hours away for the moment.  I still have Trigger here and it´s not like I can ride him out of here in a blink of an eye right now.
This close call will definitely make us take precautions and be better prepared in the future. We have a very good fire department and they are used to handling situations like this so I am not overly worried…but still.

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