Friday, July 6, 2012

My baking addiction 2 - Blueberry Dream

Since I was a little girl a lot of things that was important to me have changed but some things remains the same; like my love for horses, photography and baking.
When I was a teenager it was very important for me to get my own apartment. In order to do so I had to make my own money and to get a job I needed a driving license. I figured that becoming a baker was the one of my passions that would help me reach my goals. At age 15 I entered a 3year long baking school to become a professional baker. During holidays I worked at a bakery and saved for my driving license.
When there were other opportunities to make money I took them. I often baked and sold my stuff at farmers markets and fairs. One of the pastries that helped me the most to get my driving license was “Blueberry Dream”. A delicious blueberry bun, not very sweet but perfect to a hot cup of tea. Yesterday I found an old book with handwritten recipes from that time of my life. I got lost reading recipes and notes I´d taken working at different bakery´s as a teenager. I just had to try some.

Blueberry Dream
6oz (3/4 cup) butter
¼ gallon milk
Melt the butter in a big pan on low temperature, add the milk. Heat up slowly.

Mix the following dry ingredients (in a separate big bowl,) with a fork.
2lbs white flour for baking
¾ cup of sugar
A little bit of salt
¾ OZ dry yeast (3 small packages)

After mixing the dry ingredients thoroughly add the milk/butter mix (about 110-115 degrees Fahrenheit.)
Add two eggs.
Mix by hand with a wooden fork/spoon or in a machine.
If needed add a little bit of flour (not too much!)
Let the dough rest for about ten minutes while you´re preparing for the next step.

Prepare two baking sheets.
Whisk two eggs together.
Preheat the oven 480 degrees Fahrenheit.
Have your choice of jam ready (I prefer one that is not too sweet, without corn syrup and with berries as major ingredient.)

Dice some almonds for topping.

Use a rolling pin and make the dough into a rectangle.

Cut it into 12 equal pieces.

Put a little bit of jam in the middle of each piece.

Fold the pieces into triangles.

“Glue” the pieces together with a fork on the edges.

Place six Blueberry Dreams on each baking sheet.

Paint the pieces with the eggs and put some diced almonds on top.

Bake your goodies for 5-6 minutes in the middle of the oven.

They are most delicious when they´re warm. It´s perfectly fine to heat them up in the microwave before serving them at a later occasion.  


Ps. If you exclude the sugar and use meat/cheese/veggies inside you have the most perfect picnic food J

I did get my driving license when I was 18(the legal age in Sweden) and my first apartment the same year. After graduating from school I got my first real job as a baker on Café Olympia in Åre, Sweden. I loved working there J

I don´t bake for a living today since the early mornings doesn´t go very well together with family life but I still enjoy it as much, if not more. There is a time for everything and right now I have much more time for horses and photography. There are always open doors.

Love Maria

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