Friday, July 13, 2012

About friendship and loyalty

Lately I had a very supportive friend being there for me all the time. On days when I have a lot of energy we play all day long. On other days when I´m tired he doesn´t leave my side, he literally stays within 2ft distance if I let him ALL DAY. He always listens to me. He never accidently step on my toes or anything like that. He´s very respectful but yet persistent in his wishes to be with me. I had special friends before. They are all SPECIAL in their own ways but this guy I don´t know what to say about him. He talks to me and ask me things, if I listen. I never invited him into my house (except a few minutes talk in the hallway sometimes.) For about a week or so he´s been asking me if he could come in and see how I live. I hesitated but he insisted that it was important for him. I didn´t listen and ignored that.

Yesterday I was reading in the downstairs guestroom of our house, the coolest place on hot days. After a while I felt that someone was looking at me. I looked up and out on the porch outside; there´s my friend looking directly at me. I opened the door and said “Yes, OK come in and have a look.” He seemed to be very pleased with that and started to explore the guestroom. He´s always been a big fan of looking through windows. He really enjoyed looking out the windows instead of looking in. He was very polite and careful as he explored my domains. He didn´t want to leave though. I had to go with him and promise to spend more time with him. I´d already spent about three hours in the morning in his company but he didn´t consider that nearly enough.

We walked out the door together and I suggested a walk. He didn´t feel like that and to be honest I didn´t either. We took a nap together on the porch. My friend on my right side and my dog Neikka on the left side.

This was what I saw when I woke up from my nap, Trigger standing over me.

It was very peaceful. After an hour or so Philip wanted to go fishing and I asked my friend if he wanted to tag along. After thinking about it for a minute he decided to come.

Enjoying some green grass while we´re fishing in the pond.

My friend is my young rescue horse Trigger. After spending a lot of time with him lately he seems to turn himself into my frequency as soon as he sees me. On days when I´m tired he makes sure that our youngest dog (she can be pretty intense from time to time) doesn´t bother me. If I stop and rest he stops and lower his head next to me to see if I´m OK. When I do chores outside; cleaning the water buckets, water the garden, checking fences etc..he never leaves my side. As closer we get to our Baby Girls arrival the closer he seems to monitor my wellbeing. He´d been there for me every day all the time. And I´m trying to figure out ways to return his incredible friendship although I made him very disappointed today after declaring that he couldn´t come into the house with me. He enjoys freedom and if I´m at home I leave the gate to his pasture open so that he can choose whether he wants to be there or in the yard around the house (everything is fenced.) He appreciates that. I know for sure one other thing that I can do for him in the future and that is to be more patient with him when he wants to enjoy the trails at a slower pace than I do. He is a dreamer and respecting his personality is the least I can do for him in return for his patient with me for nine months. I´m very grateful for his loyal friendship.

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