Friday, March 1, 2013

The Lost Coast

My family enjoying the last sun, on a beach outside Eureka

The Lost Coast is a undeveloped part of Northern California that I've never been to. Many of the small towns along the coast is completely isolated from the rest of the world (sort of..) My husband new that I was eager to see that part of California. That he's been telling me so much about. Especially since California's coastline have a special place in his heart. 

Stella taking the opportunity to swim
 in a river on "a diaper change break".

A few days ago Phil had to meet with a business acquaintance in Humboldt County. He was only making a day trip, and I knew that if I came along it would be a long day. I decided to go anyway. I don't regret it. Who am I to say no to an adventure?

The first sight of the ocean, from a vista point outside Eureka.

Soft, rolling hills on the side of the road,
 on our drive towards The Lost Coast.

We left early in the morning and pretty much drove straight to the business meeting, without to many stops. When the work part of the day was finished we still had a couple of hours of daylight left. We took a backroad from Eureka and out to the ocean. It was a long winding drive through a wonderful landscape; rolling hills and views of the ocean. On some places there were free ranging cows eating grass, living the life. If they only knew what an expensive neighborhood they live in..

Pasture with a view

There were many sign on the side of the road that said "now entering tsunami danger zone". I wouldn't like to live that close to the ocean. I have a lot of respect for water, but I really enjoyed visiting this area with it's magnificent nature. 
We parked the truck close to a beach. We had to climb down some rocks to get down to the actual beach. We let the dogs play at the beach until the last traces of sun were completely gone. 
I love the salty smell of the ocean. It's liberating. Hayley enjoyed it too, even though it was a little cold and windy. This part of California obviously have a colder climate during winter. When the sun was gone it became cold fast. We debated if we should take the same way back to town, and the highway, or if we should continue forward and eventually come out somewhere. Our phones and GPS didn't have any service. We continued forward. 

A cave on the beach

I'm so grateful that Phil showed me this incredible piece of California.
Nature touches my soul in a way that all the fancy big cities never can do.

The road took us through Redwood National Park. Even though it was dark, it was an AMAZING drive. The trucks head lights lighted up giant redwood trees. Hayley was asleep in her car seat. We stopped and stepped out to look at this beautiful heritage of Northern America. The dark sky, the bright stars and these enormous trees completely took our breath away. The trees were so tall that we couldn't see the top of them. They where so big that a person could live inside of one of them, and have a big house, if he carved out rooms and stairs! We talked about that for a little while. That would of been very cool! I wouldn't mind living in a tree house like that.
These giants covered big parts of this continent not very long ago. In my imagination I can see what it would be like to live in a place covered with thousand of years old trees. It really makes you feel small, but still part of nature. I'm glad we decided to take that road. I'm looking forward to bring my son and go back during day time, to fully see the beauty of this place. 

Stella looking at the ocean


  1. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous! I'm so glad you went and had the adventure with your husband.

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad I tagged along too :) Nothing sparks my creativity like nature!

      Have a great weekend!

  2. Har faktiskt aldrig varit till Eureka - bara till kusten i Oregon. Wow, vilka bilder Maria! Jättefina.
    Redwoodträd är så otroligt mäktiga. Besöke ett område med redwoodträd utanför Los Angeles för många år sedan. Man får onekligen litet perspektiv på saker och ting när man ser dessa jättar. :) Kramar!

    1. Det var verkligen värt ett besök, eller flera! Jag tror att det är rätt likt OR kustlinje.

      Tack :)

      Ja verkligen!. Jag har sett Redwood tidigare, i Alaska. Men det var några år sedan. Jag blev lika tagen den här gången som första gången jag såg de.

      Hoppas du har en fin måndag. Kram

  3. Your photography skills are growing exponentially. These pictures, especially pasture with a view, is absolutely gorgeous and you should consider printing and framing one for your house.

    I love the Northern California coast line. I used to go camping up there and love the rawness of the coastline.

    1. Thank you so much Christina! I feel that the photography class helped me a lot to get to the next step.

      I would love to go camping there! One of the hostels in the Redwood Park got great reviews on Yelp. Maybe I'll take Hayley with me and stay there for a coupe of days. That kind of "camping" is a little easier with a baby :) I'm definitely going there again! I would love to explore the area on foot.

      ~ Maria


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