Monday, March 4, 2013

Solutions for hiking with a baby!

Tenzing TZ 720 Camouflage
Hunting Gear Travel Fanny Pack

Lately I've been trying to find the best way to carry my camera and other gear when I'm hiking. If I would hike by myself I would wear a back pack, but nowadays I have Hayley in a baby carrier too. I've been trying different solutions; I made shorter hikes and skipped extra diapers, water, food etc. I also carried everything in my traditional camera case. I like to go for long hikes, so skipping to bring water and food doesn't work. To carry my gear in my traditional shoulder (camera) case doesn't work either, it's way to uncomfortable. With the weight moving around to much its' rough on my shoulders and dangerous on steep climbs. 

I think I finally found a good solution! Most of the weight from the baby carrier is on my shoulders (even though I have the most high tech baby carrier their is on the market I've been looking for ways to spread the rest of the weight as even, and as much as I can. I tried to stay open to different options. Even options that I would never consider to wear in public! When I'm hiking comfort is king. I ended up buying a "Tenzing TZ 720 Camouflage Hunting Gear Travel Fanny Pack" I bought it on Sportsman's Warehouse

Tenzing TZ 720 Camouflage
Hunting Gear Travel Fanny Pack

I tried it out yesterday and I'm very pleased. There is room enough for food and water for a really long hike. It's comfortable and my camera is within easy reach and so is the rest of my stuff. It's lightweight and I almost didn't feel it. However this is not a camera bag, therefor it doesn't have the protection you need to have for a camera. Since I always need to bring extra diapers I had padding for my camera! If I didn't carry the diapers I would of arrange some other protection for my camera. A smaller camera case would fit inside of the bag as well. I would NOT wear this equipment in town, but for the woods it's perfect. I'm pretty sure that I can use it behind my saddle when I'm 
riding my horse as well. 

Tenzing TZ 720 Camouflage
Hunting Gear Travel Fanny Pack.
View of the inside, with my camera,
diapers, tissues, water etc.
For Mom's that enjoys taking
taking their babies on adventures!

Whitey, my faithful trail buddy.

One of my classmates from my writing class recently started a new blog that I follow with great interest. She have a very authentic writing style. I can relate to her experiences and I love her open mindedness. I feel very honored to be mentioned in today's post. Check it out here She puts a smile on my face every time I read her blog :)

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