Sunday, March 3, 2013

Basic Needs, Play-time and Happiness

Watching animals and children play,
makes me very happy

7am Sunday morning. The house is quiet. I feel like I won the lottery at least! The first night of real sleep in like a month. The weather outside the window is grey and it might rain today. But nothing can take away the great feeling of a good nights sleep. Sleep is such a basic need, but without it, everything becomes so much harder. I get very homesick when I don't sleep. I miss everything about Sweden. Everything familiar and understandable. Without sleep the importance of a good nights sleep is crystal clear. 

Whitey and Stella running on a beach in Humboldt County, CA.

Sometimes the animals play can seem to be rather rough,
but mostly it's just play. Whitey and Stella never had one single
 fight. There play sometimes give them scratches and to an observer
might look a bit aggressive. They play all day long if opportunity given.
They love playing together and when they are too tired to play they
bundle up and sleep together.

On the other hand, a good nights sleep opt for a great day! Today, I'm ready for a great day! I'm not sure what today has to offer yet. I'm looking forward to find out. 
Last week I took around 1000 pictures. Many of them, (strangely enough…) are of dogs playing. Last night when I went to bed I thought about why I enjoy taking pictures of animals so much. Especially animals playing. The answer is simple. Simply because seeing animals play fills me with such joy. I want to capture those moments and share them. 
Happy Sunday!


  1. Djur har livsglädje och det smittar av sig. Härliga hundbilder. Ha en fin dag! Kram!

    1. Det har de verkligen! Tack så mycket!

      Ha en fin dag :)



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