Saturday, January 12, 2013

Westwood Hills Park, Napa

Eucalyptus trees

Every week I'm trying one new hiking and/or riding trail. This week I explored a park in central Napa, Westwood Hills Park. It's convenient because of it's location so close to town. The park is open from sunrise to sunset, it's am easy hike, several shorter trails around 1mile++. The park has some climbing and some peaks with incredible view. It's heavily forested with oak, eucalyptus and redwood trees. The trails are however very well maintained, some are paved, all are wide and easy to walk on. As I mentioned before in my blog, the park is not stroller friendly because of he gates in the beginning of the park. You can walk around them but you can't take a stroller around them. If it wasn't for the locked gates the park would be perfect for staying at home moms that want to take the kids out in beautiful nature. Even though it's so close to the city you feel like you're far out in the woods. I really like this park. I took Hayley and Whitey there this week, Hayley in a baby carrier. I also went there with only Whitey and my camera, we walked further that time. I think I tried all the trails now, it's not a big park but extremely beautiful.

Eucalyptus tree, closeup bark.

View over Napa

Well maintained trails



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