Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Trying new settings on my camera

My Pitbull Whitey looking out over the vineyards 

During the second day of the photography course we were advised to read our camera's manual, and try new settings during a photo excursion, either inside or outside our home. I did so. Whitey followed me around all the time, therefor he sort of became a theme in the pictures. I do like taking pictures of my animals very much, but my plan today was to capture other beautiful details around the house. I did get some of those too..but Whitey kind of took my attention, again, and again and again…

The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day. I spent four hours outdoors taking pictures with "new" (for me) settings on my camera. I didn't find the manual that came with the camera but I downloaded a PDF and read the parts about settings before I went outside. I will reread it again later tonight as well, after having them fresh in my memory. It's been an awesome day. 

In the afternoon Hayley, Whitey and I went to Westwood Hills Park. I did take some pictures with my iPhone but I purposely didn't bring my big camera. I was carrying Hayley in a baby carrier and had Whitey on a leash. My mission was to check out the park. In the beginning it's a long stretch of a pretty steep climb uphills. I tried to do that before but I had Hayley in the stroller. It's not a stroller friendly park! It has several locked gates. You're supposed to walk around them but there is not enough room to walk around with a stroller, therefor the baby carrier today. I didn't have time to go there until late this afternoon and there wasn't much day light left. My plan is to go there early one day and take pictures of the beautiful, almost magical landscape; rolling hills, creeks, and eucalyptus trees. 

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