Friday, January 18, 2013

On top of Spring Mountain

Windows on the monastery situated on op of Spring Mountain (California),
next to Hess Winery.

 Today we worked on landscape pictures and depth of field. I discovered that my Nikon D5100 don't have any settings for DOF, which many DSLR cameras have. That meant that I had to work a little bit with the editing of the pictures, but that's OK since it's so much fun. I drove the narrow roads up Spring Mountain to get some good landscape pictures. I drove around 11am and the ground on the mountain was still frozen, icy and dangerous. A big truck in front of me had a little to much fun in the curves and all of a sudden they lost their grip of the road and went down a ravine. Luckily there was a big tree halfway down that stopped the fall. The vehicle was smashed but neither of the two men in the truck got any injuries at all. They were in shock though. 

When I finally came to the top of the mountain is was well worth the drive. I took some landscape pictures but also some pictures of the beautiful old monastery next to Hess Winery. After an hour or so I started to drive down, slowly.. They were still working on getting the truck up from the ravine and we had to wait another half an hour before we could drive down. Whitey was with me and he took the opportunity to make friends with everyone. 

Bell Tower


View from the monastery on top of Spring Mountain, California.

Trees in a row on the driveway to the monastery.



  1. Beautiful! What an amazing site to live close to.

    Glad no one was hurt in the wreck.

    1. Thank you so much Felicia! Taking photos and sharing the beauty, and the interaction it creates with nice people like yourself makes it even more enjoyable :)


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