Thursday, January 24, 2013

Organizing Pictures

I am so grateful for everything I learned so far at the photography class I'm taking. It's sad that it its the very last week of it now. Yesterday I edited all the pictures on this blog using my new knowledge about editing and software. I like the result! Eventually I want to exchange all the pictures for new ones but for now I'm happy with the way it looks now. I see my blog like a living thing, always changing. I want to always improve, write better content, have more interaction with my readers and have better pictures. Feed back is always welcome! 

I'm so glad that I signed up for a writing class after this. It's good to have something exciting to look forward too. It's the same inspiring teacher at the next class. I really like her!

Today our assignment was to figure out how to organize all the pictures we take. I thought I share how I do.

I have a system on my computer with folders. I have one folder for each one of my children- humans and animals, I have one folder for nature/landscape pictures, one folder for each one of my favorite places (ex.American River, The Tevis Trail, Eldorado National Forest etc.), one folder for buildings and one folder for experimental pictures and one folder for each blog I write. I also have separate folders for every job I do for other people. Every time I download pictures I put the new pictures on the "desktop" until I edited them and decide which folder they belong under. Before I organize them into the folders I upload them to social medias and photo sites. I never save pictures I don't give at least 4stars in my head. I take 200-400 pictures every day but I'm good at deleting too. I try to not delete pictures on my camera, I wait until I uploaded them to my computer. Every once in a while I go through my folders and delete more pictures. I've had this system for several years and it works for me. Even when my computer broke down just before this class started it didn't really matter because I saved all the good ones on my blog (I pay extra every months for more space) and on photo sites.

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