Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Photography themes I'm passionated about

Todays photography lesson was about how to spark our creativity. One thing that was suggested was to write a list of things we enjoy taking pictures of. I actually had a list of things that inspire me to take out my camera already. These are things on my list:

HORSES - my favorite subject, therefor I devided it into different parts: eyes, hooves, mane, tail, portrait, pasture pictures, training pictures, horse/rider and pictures taken from the back of a horse. I'm most passionated about taking pictures of their eyes. They tell me so many stories.

Old houses
Water - Sea, Ocean, River, Creek, Pond, Lake
Baking - Dough, Bread, Cookies, Cakes

I'm an outdoor person and it's my goal to try at least one new hiking/riding trail every week. It serves many purposes: inspiration for my photography, exercise (for me, my dogs and horses) and most of all it gives me peace of mind.

I really think it's a great idea to have a written list of inspirational things for your photography. I will add Coffee to my list, as in the example :) It's been a grey, rainy day today and taking pictures inside was very tempting. However, as I'm in the process of taking my coffee pictures inside, the sky outside my window goes on fire. I had to take a break and take some pictures of the sky too. Therefor I did two themes today: one "coffee theme" and one "sky theme".

Here's the pictures I took today:

                                               Coffe Theme

My favorite coffe cup

Blond Roasted Coffee Beans

Dark Roasted Coffee Beans

French Coffee Press

                                                  Sky On Fire!


  1. Great pictures! I recently got a new camera and am trying to learn more about it. In my spare- where I can find it-time!

    1. Thank you! Looking forward to see your pictures :)

  2. I came over from our photography class site to see all of your photos. I love the colors and sky is a wonderful addition to my list of subjects. Hope you don't mind if I subscribe so I can continue to see your photos.

    1. Hi Sandy! Thank you, It's so nice to meet you here too :D I absolutely love our photography class. It's so inspirational and everybody is so talented. See you soon!


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