Saturday, January 19, 2013

Road Trip

I love driving through California. It's so beautiful everywhere. 

We had some work to do in Northern California today and left home really early this morning. We brought the dogs and took all the nice back roads we could find. Combining business with pleasure is nice. Everybody was excited to go. Of course we had to stay on several places to stretch some legs and change some diapers.

Hayley is usually in a good mood when she wakes up.

We left home before 7am.

After one of our stops I see a beautiful, big, Chestnut horse in the corner of my eye. It takes me a few seconds to see that everything is not OK. We turn around and the horse, a big draft horse, is caught in barbwire. He's not calm and no one is around. I jump out of the car, try to get a feel of the horse and calm him down. He is caught in two barbwires around his front, right leg. One of the wires are pretty deep in his flesh and the other one is really deep. He's the only horse on the pasture. If I leave him to get a hold of the owner, he might panic and things could get really bad. At first he won't let me touch him but after few seconds he understands that I'm there to help him. He relaxes and I can lift his leg up in the air. His hoof ais big like a plate.  I get the first wire of. He twitches a little bit but doesn't panic. 

Barbwire Fence

The second wire is much deeper and I have to use a lot of force to get it out of his leg. It took me about 30 seconds but it felt like forever. The cut is clean. He probably got caught minutes before we drove by. He looks at me and then takes of cantering, favoring that leg badly. We drovThe reste to the nearest house. It wasn't their horse but they knew the owner and takes over from there. 

In Sweden barbwire are not allowed as horse fencing. It's also prohibited to have one single horse alone. I wish it was like that here too.  Hopefully this horse won't have any lifelong injuries that affect his quality of life.

Stella and Whitey enjoys road trips!

Stella on one of our stops

The rest of the day's been beautiful. We ate at a great Mexican restaurant and now we're just resting at a hotel. I'm looking forward to more photo opportunities tomorrow. 

Traveling with a baby is fun but a little exhausting.
Now we're just chillin at the hotel.

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