Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Our Horses

We have our horses on so many different locations and pastures. It's not very practical. We're working on getting them closer together. We can't have them all on the same pasture. That wouldn't work, we have have a stallion, (geldings and mares.) The stallion is fine with the geldings so far, he's still young (three in the spring.) 

I'm trying to organize them a little bit. Yesterday I was going to move two of the horses to a bigger pasture. Trigger was by himself on 20 acres, next to other horses, but by himself. My plan was to move Norman and Bezatal (the stallion) to him. They all shared pasture before and get along well. I haltered Norman and walked him over to the big pasture. He's so easy, I just put a rope around his neck and walked him the 0.5 mile to the bigger pasture. I let him loose and walk back to get Bezatal. 

When I came back to the front gate Norman was waiting for me by the gate! He'd taken a shortcut through the woods and sneaked under the fence back to his girlfriend. He couldn't get to her though, she was inside their old pasture, but he was waiting for me to let him in again. I didn't realize that Bezze and Norman became such a close pair. I'd let him in to her again and they were very happy about that. 

I stayed with them for a while trying to figure out how what to do. If I moved them both to the big pasture I couldn't take the stallion there as I planned. I simply let Bezze and Norman stay together on the smaller pasture. They kind of choose it themselves. I've could of moved Bezatal to Trigger but that would of meant that Faxi was by himself. Faxi and Norman can't be together on a small pasture with a mare, that's not a good combination. Basically, I didn't do anything with the horses, when it came to moving them  yesterday. However I had fun with them and learned a thing or two. They all have such sweet personalities. These are the horses I spent time with yesterday:

Norman~ loves work, he loves his girlfriend and he loves to cuddle. 

Bezatal~ is very sweet in all ways. He comes straight up to you. Is very curious, brave and easy to handle.

Faxi~ is very curious and are coming along well. When he's free (without a halter) he agrees to everything I ask of him with my body language. When I do have a halter on him he agrees to everything. It's getting the halter on him, catching him, that still is an issue. From what I've heard that's very common for the horses from Extreme Farms. He's right front hoof has a light clubfoot and he might not be the endurance horse I hoped for. However I love him and he's a very sweet boy. He has a great personality. I'm learning a lot from him.

Trigger~ my best friend is always like a Teddy Bear. I would like to have him with me in the house, and I know that he would love it! A months ago he stepped on something out on the pasture and he's been favoring his left back leg a tiny little bit. Yesterday was the first day he didn't favor it at all. I'm going to let him rest for a couple of weeks before I start riding him again. He's on a big pasture where he has to walk to get between food and water, which is great. He's moving around, not getting stiff but are resting from the weight of a rider (me.) 

Bezze~ is a bit anxious around people and doesn't like other farm animals. She is a cautious but sweet girl. I'm slowly gaining her trust and my plan is to start riding her in the spring/summer. If she's ready. Most important is that she's trusting me and that we have fun together. Eventually I believe that her life will be richer if she's being ridden out on the trails. Right now she doesn't let anyone but me touch her. 

The horses above are ours but I am also riding another horse, Cheerio. She's a 13 year old Arab/Paso Fino Cross. I recently started to ride her and when she's conditioned the plan is to do endurance riding with her. She's been doing endurance before, but she haven't been ridden much lately. She is very intelligent and I enjoy getting to know her.

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